151 Proof Movies Hangover: Street Fighter- The Legend of Chun-Li

As I mentioned when we posted the rules for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Street Fighter: The Movie was the first ever movie we covered with a drinking game. The game left my friend and I pretty wrecked the next day. But it was also an enjoyable bad movie. And yes, there are such things that exist. One of the reasons we run this feature is to see if we could make bad movies enjoyable while drunk. Sometimes it works, Dragonball Evolution and Street Fighter comes to mind. Other times, the movie is just that damn bad.

If you haven’t guessed by now, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li falls firmly into the latter camp. The movie isn’t enjoyable, it isn’t campy, it isn’t over the top. If anything, I believe this movie wanted to be taken seriously. And really when you try to be serious and end up this bad, well yeah.

From the beginning, the plot is pretty thin from the beginning. We learn about Bison, and Chun-Li’s father, and then we skip ahead several years. And not much happens for the next hour or so. Chun-Li searches for a ninjustu master and then Bison. The cops are on the scene to investigate Bison and ShadowLoo (or whatever). And you have this holding pattern for most of the movie until the plots finally decide to converge around the hour mark or so. And even then, its a mess of a movie and an even more messy climax.

As for the fun stuff, there really isn’t much drinking to be had. Maybe it was partially because we weren’t invested in the movie or partially because we just wanted to drink to make it end, but it was really slow getting out the gate, and never really picked up steam like a lot of bad movies tend to do.

Off the top of my head, the rule that gave us the most mileage was of course the Chris Klein rule, I honestly don’t think he was acting. I’ve seen forests with less wood than his performance. It was so dry and dead pan, I couldn’t help but watch. Sadly, he doesn’t really have a huge role in the movie so you don’t see him that often.

Other than that, the movie was so dull that we didn’t pay much attention to the speeches/exchanges do I’m sure we missed several references. We got some miles out of special moves and posing. And while he was in the movie often, we never did come up with a rule for Bison. So pretty much just ended up drinking when he was on-screen.

One rule, we will amend to the original is to drink whenever Chun-Li does one of her voice-overs. Not only are they numerous, but much more poorly acted than her performance in the actual movie. Its kind of like she was given a script in a studio and told to do a dry read, and that’s the version they went with.

All in all, as far as checking out this movie goes, I say pass on it, and pass on it drinking. It just doesn’t become more fun while you are drunk!

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