151 Proof Movies: Pulse

After a month filled with Air Bud, its finally nice to be able to mix it up again. And we’re going to kick it off right by going a good… *Looks at movie*… Gawd damnit.. we’re doing Pulse, which currently sits at 10% so it will be good. Since this is a combination of a horror film with a focus on technology, most of these rules will be modified versions of Beers n Fears.

1) Digital Spooks- Every time there is a fake-out/jump-out scene in the movie take a drink.

2) E-Murder- When someone is killed during the movie, take a drink.

3) Tweet Me Now- Every time someone receives an ominous message through the Internet or their cell phone, take a drink.

4) A Series of Tubes- When a character mentions or it is shown that a message is received while the computer isn’t connected or online, take a drink.


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