Review Shooter: Huntress #1 of 6

Writer- Paul Levitz

Art- Marcus To, John Dell

Synopsis- The Huntress takes aim at an illegal gun Smuggling operation that has it’s roots in Italy. What she finds, however is something even more. It turns out that they are also Smuggling women into├é┬áNaples├é┬áin a Sex ring. Can the Brash Helena├é┬áBertinelli keep her cool, and unravel the mafiaso’s plans?

I love this freaking book!!

Even though this title isn’t exactly part of DC’s “new 52” , it deserves some recognition. Helena├é┬áBertinelli, The Huntress, has come to Napals, Italy to stop a shipment of illegal guns from being├é┬ádelivered├é┬áto Gotham City. Huntress knows how to kick some butt, and there isn’t a single boring page. Sure, she’s a little brash, but is also a very strong Female role-Model. It would seem that she has no fear. And that my friends, is Awesome.

The artwork in this title, much like the leading lady, is├é┬ágorgeous!├é┬áThe characters themselves all look really great, and the environments they are in look astondingly├é┬árealistic. There’s a shot in an office where Helena is talking to a Reporter. There’s so much detail in that shot. I fond myself looking at all the papers and stuff on his desk.

So Far, This book is all about action both on the side of good, and Bad. I Want More! Also I guess this six issue Mini-series ties in to the Birds Of Prey. That’s good.

Recommendation– ├é┬áBuy It!!



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