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Battlefield 3 Beta (PC) – Is the Beta a Mistake?

Adriaan returns once more with another look at the Battlefield 3 beta. Has his time with the game softened his impressions or does the DICE roll a dud? Find out in his latest video commentary.



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3 Responses

  1. DarthDiggler says:

    This outcry from the community over the Battlefield 3 beta is baffling to me. Many of the issues that plagued the earlier days seem to be diminished (it’s a result of the servers getting tuned as we play). The build of the game is a month old and DICE never hid that fact. This BETA was not a very big marketing campaign for this month, it was a marketing campaign to help sell MOH really.

    DICE had to submit this code for approval by Sony, sure it’s buggy, but I haven’t seen any widespread reports of people’s PS3 catching on fire. So the buggy mess will serve the purpose of stress testing the servers. DICE just submitted the BF3 release code to Sony, they don’t have the time to submit a patch for the beta too.

    What is baffling is that people like you some how have expected DICE to give their final game away for free a month before release. This article and your sympathy for the beta haters whole-heartily demonstrates you do not understand the definition of the word beta. Or you are a freetard.

  2. OneSh0t says:

    No, you are the half-wit or idiot. A Beta is close to final build and is not expected of glaring glitches, bugs and a whole lot of problems. That is why they release the Beta to the public and not to their army of testers. You are simply one of those immature school kids who has no know how of a software development cycle.
    You agreed that it’s buggy and you’re fine with that? you’re the real retard. Final game away for free? You’re brain is really half developed, the purpose of the beta is to solicit feedback, and what benefit can it give DICE if they throw out their second rate messy build as the beta. Hey, go back to school kid, you’re not even old enough to play this game.

  3. I see a lot of people thinking beta was a mistake. Could be, but I simply loved it! Can’t wait for game to go live.

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