151 Proof Movies: Batman & Robin Viewing Party

Our favorite Caped  Crusader is turning 75 this year! While DC Comics has announced July 23rd as Batman Day, and we will check out their activities, we wanted to celebrate Batman in our own special way!

And if 4 years of this site being around has shown anything, our special way usually involves booze. Batman has quite the resume of movies under his belt, but only one that fans consider truly awful. While we’ve done Batman and Robin twice on the site before, we figured third time is the charm, and decided to open it up for one of our rare Viewing Parties.

Like our previous viewing parties, this will take place either via Skype or TinyChat, and exact details will be announced during the week of July 25th when we post the rules. But now for the basics.

  • What: Batman and Robin (1997)
  • When: July 25th, 2014 at 10pm ET (Though will be around before hand for set-up!)
  • Where: Internet (Via Skype or TinyChat or Google Hangouts)
  • Who: All Of You, Everyone is Invited
  • Why: Because everyone needs to… CHILL!
  • How: The Most Important question and why posting this so far in advance. Batman and Robin currently isn’t available to stream on any of the popular streaming sites. Which means currently your best bet is to purchase the movie, rent it via Netflix or digital rental from various other places.

Now you don’t need to, and we’ll be sure to remind you, but if you want to RSVP for the event, can either do it via Facebook or add to your


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