151 Proof Movie Hangover: House of the Dead

Over the course of the past year or so, we have had the distinct honor of watching some pretty bad movies for our lovely audience. Along the way, I have also gotten to try out some fun mixed drinks and a variety of beers (maybe should write about that as well), but no movie as far as I could remember left me as cold and numb as House of the Dead.

House of the Dead based off of the video game of the same name goes down the list of what not to do in a movie. Bad acting, terrible characters, poor special effects and actually a pretty crummy plot. It also adds its own special twist on the bad movie formula by integrating scenes  from the actual video game into the movie. While it may seem like a novel idea on paper, it just comes off as more distracting than anything during the course of the movie.

As always though, you aren’t here to see the review of the movie, but how it works with our drinking game. And I have to say, this movie will leave you numb in the good way when it comes to drinking. The movie wastes no time in getting the first drink in as the opening credits are actually a combination of the video game footage using some form of photoshop filter. And that is the rule that dominates the movie. Video game footage is used as transitions for the movie, which comes off as really random in most cases. Not only that, but the video game footage is also used in prolong fight sequences, one piece in particular which lasts for about 10 minutes will really get you really drunk. There is something close to over a dozen intercuts of video game footage during this scene so a lot of drinking is being done! It also returns in the climax but not nearly as much.

The next rule that seems to get a lot of traction during the movie is our general “teen” rule. During the course of the 90 minutes or so, we are give boob shots, random hook ups and drinking. It kind of made sense during the beginning of the movie, since it starts off with a big party, but it gets a little odd once the movie kicks into high gear and zombies are in the scene. Though, it is toned down a bit, it still happens.

Then there is the death rule, we made a decision ahead of time to only count human deaths, and slightly happy for that. The zombie death toll in this movie would really leave some people in pain, though if you want a more hardcore drinking experience, I do recommend adding the rule. Especially in the scene, I noted above between the video game scenes and zombie deaths, you’d pretty much be chugging your drink the entire scene. That said, human characters are offed at a pretty decent rate throughout the movie. And would add another bonus rule here, I think a shot should be taken any time a human turned zombie is killed!

The final rule, and this is always a tough one to gauge is the cheesy one-liner rule. What is cheesy to one isn’t always cheesy to all, so even with my partner in crime there were some lines that were up for debate, but there are still some that everyone will agree on. Your mileage will vary with this rule.

Oh and one final rule that was a spare of the moment thing, a shot for the shameless SEGA advertisement in the movie! You’ll know it when you see it.

All in all, it makes for an interesting drinking game, but not a very enjoyable movie. I don’t know if I could recommend anyone watching this even if they are drinking, but if you do watch, you better be drinking!

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