151 Proof Movies Hangover: Superhero Movie

Sorry, this is really late this week. Things and stuff happened!

Anyhow, on to the score board!


Swan- 2

I really did not want to watch this one. Like morally opposed to watching it. I mean, with a bad action or horror movie, the bad parts lead to humour and fun, whereas what makes a comedy bad is that the jokes fall flat, if you are lucky. With this series of films the jokes tend to not so much fall flat as fall into a pit of exploding spikes, on fire. The preferred style of “comedy” in these films isn’t so much making jokes, but taking jokes and scenes from other, better movies and adding a fart or two.m Having said all that, I will admit there were a couple genuinely funny parts of the movie, but that may have been the alcohol more so than the movie. 


Time is the truest and most fair test of them all, writing up this review a week after seeing the movie and I honestly can’t remember anything from the movie. Sure, I remember its a Spider-man spoof, but that’s something I could gather from the trailer. I don’t remember any laughs or fun and creative ways to poke fun at comic book tropes. I don’t even remember the climax of the film at all. Like I said before, I’d rather a bad movie than a boring and forgettable one. This falls firmly in the latter camp. 



This is another one of those films where our rules may have worked too well. From the get go we were drinking fast and hard, with hardly a moment to catch our breath. The pace continued throughout most of the film with the physical comedy rule getting us to drink the most. Looking back on it we may have had 1 too many rules that worked well. I mean we had 3 rules covering every type of reference or parody, and one rule every time the hero’s names was said. I will be honest and say that my head still kind of hurts from the alcohol. I would definitely recommend checking this film out with a few friends, just make sure you don’t have anything important to do after this because you will be out of commission. Cheers.


Unlike the movie, I do remember the drinking a lot better for this film. There were of course a LOT of references both to superhero movies and to general pop-culture of the time (something I still feel dates these movies really quickly). But the real crown jewel of our rules was the Dragonfly rule, it always appears the spoken words are the ones that kick your ass the most. I don’t know if that means a terrible script or we just know how to pick the right words!

That is Superhero Movie for ya. Sorry for the delay, it has been a hectic week and a half!


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