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 Batgirl #25

Written by: Bennett

Art by: Pasarin 

If Gail Simone ever decides to leave Batgirl, I know who should be the next writer. Bennett provides a fantastic issue that portrays a fantastic look at the pre-Batgirl teenage Barbra Gordon. Smart and capable, caring and loving, quick tempered and impulsive – with the New 52 history it allows Bennett to craft a teenager who will easily grow up to be a hero, but makes mistakes like any teenager. And the blackout and super-storm of Zero Year are unfortunately too real, and Babs, James Jr and company’s journey is all too real.

Review Score: 7 (out of 7)
 Nightwing #25

Written by: Higgins

Art by: Conrad

Another solid issue by Higgins. Again, Nightwing fans are waiting for the fallout of Forever Evil in his solo title, but it was nice to see a pre-Robin Dick Grayson, in Gotham during one of its worst hours. We get a arrogant Dick Grayson, a realistic John and Mary Grayson, two characters who we know will become villains but are portrayed well as regular teenagers and a nice surprise to see a connection between Grayson and the Maronis – who would seem to have a different history in the New 52 than before and will be interesting to see in the book going future.

Review Score: 5 (out of 7)


I'm a high school Campus Minister and Theology teacher at an all boys high school near Boston, MA. I'm an avid comic book fan.

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