Review: Bwin App (iOS)

Whether on the web or on-the-go, Bwin seems to have you covered for all of your basic sporting needs. For the sake of this review, I checked out both the website and the mobile app on iTunes (it seems that Google doesn’t allow gambling apps on its store).

First, the site is pretty clean with easy to navigate buttons at the center of the design. Easy to register, easy to place your bets and easy enough to cash-out. It allows you to view all opened bets and rates on a single page, which comes in super handy. There are a host of sports to choose from, popular ones like football and American football, to more obscure (At least to me) ones like golf and darts! There’s no shortage of things to bet on here!

The same basic design is applied to its iOS app, which allows for easy navigation, focus on current and big games and a constantly updating page to let you see the latest on your bets and increase potential bets as the game goes on.

All in all, both the site and the app are welcoming to new users and very easy to navigate which is a big win.

Not everything is all sunshine though. At times, the app can be slow and sluggish causing some headaches when trying to do certain things like checking on your bets. At times the process to gain your winning can be a bit of a chore, but better safe than sorry I guess. There also seems to be some rather strict limits on winning, forcing one to bet lower or less to get their winnings eventually.

And while there are a great number of sports, it still misses a handful. Especially for our taste, like where’s the place to bet on MMA? With this weekend’s big UFC event felt like a missed chance. Though, I guess that can come in time.

One further handy function of the site, if you aren’t into sports they do offer a selection of casino games including Poker, which is always a great option for many. There’s a lot to check out on the site.

BWin is one of the finer gambling sites/apps I’ve come across. While it isn’t perfect, it does get the job though and would recommend checking it out!



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