Review Shooter: Booster Gold 47

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Rick Leonardi & Dan Jurgens

Booster Gold has been the little series that could, born out of his success during 52, Booster Gold has limped along as one of DC’s decent reads. While the stories have been a mixed bag, it has been a terrific ride. Now that issue 47 is here, the end is nigh for Booster Gold, but does it go out with a bang or a whimper?

The short answer is really a whimper. Its kind of sad that the series has to end as the only proper tie-in to Flashpoint, but as I said with the first issue, it makes sense that he would be the only other character to remember the universe proper. The tie-in as a whole has been pretty rough as I mentioned in previous reviews. It had little to do with the main conflict, and more to do with Booster’s battle with a government controlled Doomsday. That all comes to a head near the beginning of this issue, and then Booster is rushed across the Atlantic to join the war in Europe because that’s where all the action is.

He is there for ever the briefest moment, before happiness is stolen away from him. But to wrap up the series, even that is forgotten right away.

As a whole, a lot happens in this issue, but then nothing happens. I mean we get the resolution to the whole Doomsday plot, but its so sudden and cheap that I felt cheated. Then we finally get this series tying into Flashpoint, but again it happens in an instant, and we don’t even see the fall-out. The series comes semi-full circle by having Booster appear in his lab with Rip and his sister wondering where he has been. We also finally get an answer as to how some of the stuff have ended up on the blackboard!

As a huge fan of Booster Gold, I was kind of disappointed to see the series go out on such a note, but I guess that is the nature of the business. The art in the book was fine. Nothing really stood out to me as being memorable.

New Reader Accessibility: 1 As I’ve said numerous times, being a tie-in usually hurts new readers in general, but also paying homage to events that took place before this series at the end didn’t help either.

Recommendation: Avoid It It just doesn’t give you a good story nor a good send-off to one of my favorite characters. There are much better Booster Gold stories out there!

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