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NoTR and The New DC 52

To our fellow Nerds,

We stand on the eve (roughly speaking, some people will be engaging in their books tonight) of DC’s most ballsy or money-hungry move, depending on your side of the debate, in some decades.

Now for the past 3 months or so the comic world has been engaged in a debate on all facets of this relaunch. People who are excited for a fresh start, people who are mad to see so much swept under the rug, the list goes on and on. At the end of the day, opinions are opinions, it is now time for DC to really talk. With the quality of their upcoming books and with their follow-up not just for the rest of the year but for the weeks and months to come.

With that said, we here at Nerds on the Rocks are going to do our part. We’ve already discussed the relaunch on both an episode of The Comic Anvil and I spoke of my excitement for it last week. Going forward, we will have reviews of Flashpoint #5 and JLA #1 for you tomorrow. We currently have plans in motion to review all 52 #1s over the next month. I won’t say they will all be up on Wednesday, but we will try our best to have them all up by the end of September. There will also be various episodes of The Comic Anvil tackling the relaunch throughout the month. With one this weekend that will look at Flashpoint/JLA as well as other books released this month.

It is both an exciting and scary time here on the site. As the New DC 52 represents perhaps the largest commitment to coverage we have embarked on to date, and we hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.


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