Review Shooter: Captain Atom 1

Writer: J.T Krul
Artist: Freddie Williams II

Captain Atom isn’t one of my favorite DC characters, but one I’ve had a lot of exposure to. There was his story arc in Justice League Unlimited, his role in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and more recently his tenure as part of the Justice League International in Generation Lost. Each has given a similar, but slightly different take on the character. Now he is the star of his own on-going series in the New52, how does he work as a solo character?

Generally, I like to talk about the story first in these reviews. I feel it is usually the most important aspect, but I have to say this early, the art is this book is just beautiful. I’m sure there will be comparison made to Dr. Manhattan, but the Captain is really given some life in these pages. Not only that, but the way some of the panels are framed and color are just such a feast for the eyes.

But wonderful art doesn’t make a great book, and I feel like its a fun and interesting introduction to the character of Captain Atom. The story kind of picks up with Captain Atom already being an established force in the DC universe. Though, it seems like his powers are beginning to betray him/morph. We first see it during an encounter with a generic thug, and then we are introduced to what I can only assume is the secondary cast for the comic. We have a smart, but dedicated lab assistant, and what appears to be a Stephen Hawkings homage scientist that has been studying Captain Atom’s powers. There’s a ton of tech-babble on exhibit here, but the crux of it, Captain Atom’s powers may potential betray him and kill him.

Before the Captain can properly digest the news, he is called into action as an volcano is set to go off in New York City (yes, don’t ask us how it got there!), not only that but a nuclear reactor is about to meltdown as well. Captain Atom springs into action, and while these set pieces aren’t anything special. We do get to see Captain’s powers in action as well as see him reflect on his new found knowledge.

Elsewhere in the story, we have a story about a bum and a mouse, which offers an interesting cliffhanger for the comic, though not sure if quite the hook they were looking for.

Survival Rating: LIVE- At least I hope it lives so I can continue to look at the fantastic art work. That and Captain Atom is an interesting enough character, and with his current status quo an easy sell for DC to bring in other popular characters.

Recommendation: Read It– Fantastic looking book, a fun read, some interesting powers and a fun but very comic book-esque cliffhanger are all in here!

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