151 Proof Hangover: Romeo Must Die Review

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

Before we get started on this week’s Hangover Review, just wanted to highlight a change to our rating system. Since, we are re-doing how reviews are handled on the site, we decided to drop the 5-point scale for Hangovers, and go with a 6-point scale. I felt it was more representative of the feature since we tend to start every movie with a 6-pack and it just seemed to fit.

I realize it is a bit confusing to have 3 different review systems in place on the site, but it is all highlighted on the main page or by checking out this link.

Now on to the first rule for DMX April. And as a bonus, Swan is going to introduce his DMX scale for the month.

DMX Scale- 2

Of the two scenes that DMX was in, he had such a dominating performance that it catapulted him to third billing for this movie, even though there were actors with bigger roles in the movie. If DMX had only punched somebody or something in one of his scenes I would have give him a 3, alas I can not do it.



I will preface this with one rule: If DMX dies, the movie is a failure. No argument. DMX died in this so it is worthless. It doesn’t matter that it was a fun movie, with solid action scenes and a bad lead in Jet Li, DMX died. Hopefully I have better luck with the next film.


My love/hate of movies don’t really depend on DMX’s life or death situation, luckily. Anyhow, I thought Romeo Must Die was a solid and fun action movie. It embraces what it is and runs with it. I also kind of enjoyed a film with a diverse cast with mostly African Americans and Asians at the center of the plot.

On the downside, I have no idea why this film was titled “Romeo Must Die”, the main character isn’t named Romeo, and it has only the slightest inspiration from William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet.” Like the gangs are at war, and the lead female has a role in it, but Jet Li is an outsider looking to screw up both of their operations.. and won’t even bother going into the twists and turns during the climax. 

It also manages to work in 3 DMX songs, which brings us to…



Any movie that starts off with a shot in the opening credits will get a 6. Our monthly rule of a shot for every DMX song used in the movie hit us hard and hit us fast, totaling out at 3 shots throughout. Being a Jet Li headed film obviously the Kick rule KICKED our ass and the sunglasses rule was surprisingly deadly as well. All in all our rules worked out pretty well and if you are looking for a movie to drink to this s a perfect fit.

But I can not recommend it because DMX dies.


DMX is in this film for… 2 scenes.. which combined isn’t more than 5 minutes and one of them is his death.. DMX manages to get 3 songs into this movie, which have a much longer play life than his screen time. It’s an odd combination, it also meant that we had 3 extra shots to take while watching this movie. 

Ironically.. or bitterly, a rule I put in as a joke based on the trailer really bite us in the arse. Characters with sunglasses is such a terrible trope in action movies, but I thought maybe once or twice, nope pretty much throughout the entire movie. What really bothered me though was the first scene was at night in a dark nightclub and there were like 3-4 characters wearing sunglasses indoors.. WHY!

The family rule was also a killer. Though we were kind of picky on the term. Things such as “my boy” didn’t really count and it was an odd difference in our head, I know.

Romeo Must Die is a fun, little action movie. You can’t go wrong checking it out with or without our rules!

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