151 Proof Hangover: The Marine 3 Review

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

We’re slowly catching up on our WWE Movies in the Bank Reviews. We shared our review for The Marine 2, which turned out to be a surprisingly decent action flick, would the Marine 3 follow in its shoes?


Swan – 1

The one thing this movie has over The Marine 2 is the lead, The Miz. Still a stupid name but at least he was charismatic. Not enough to make me care though. At least with Ted Diebioski I cared about him and his wife but in this I just wanted it to end. The main villain in this, Jonas Pope was the characters name I believe, was also more interesting than the previous Marine villain. His motivation was fairly silly and confusing though. 

So I recommend checking out The Marine 2 but suggest avoiding this one, unless you want to complete The Marinology

Penguin – 1

Truth be told, I can’t remember anything about this movie. Usually that can be a sign of two things, but in this case it was clearly a sign of me mentally checking out of the film.

I remember the sister being kidnapped in some silly manner (couldn’t get her secluded car started) and something about being held hostage on a stationary boat, but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

The action, acting, characters and locations were all just so lackluster. 


Swan -2

This movie was fairly lax on drinking. There was only a limited amount of bad guys and most of the kills had to be stealth so there was also very few explosions. I think the only way I made it to two beers was from cheating a little.

Penguin -1

Drinking was not this movie’s strong suit. Which is both a positive and a negative, meant it wasn’t as by the books as 2, but it also meant it was a lot less fun to watch and drink to. 

Honestly, there’s nothing to see here. It’s not a great drinking game. It’s not a fun movie. If you want to check out a Marine film, it seems like 2 is the way to go.

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