151 Proof Movies: Air Bud Golden Reliever

This isn’t a new set of rules just adding the amendments from watching the original Air Bud movie to the rule set. So the first few will of course be repeats of last week’s rules with one or two changes, and going forward are the official Air Bud rule sets!

Dog Gone It!– The Air Bud Series focuses on a dog  so of course, we shall be treated to one or too many dog puns each movie. For each one, take a nice big ole drink!

Best Around!– This is a sports movie, and nothing says sports movie quite like a montage. Since movies tend to only have one or two major montages, I say drink for the duration of the montage!

Rallying The Troops– There comes a time when action speaks louder than words than there are times when words are needed to get into action. For each inspirational speech/lecture/monologue/exchange, take a drink. And just for bonus points, if they say “Let’s go out there” or “win” take an extra drink for each one.

Snyder Ball– That last minute effort to win the game is always shown in super slo-motion, and while that’s going on, guess who will be drinking! Yes, you! Drink! Drink! Drink!

What The Shitzu?- A dog playing sports! Insanity! For everyone who questions the dog playing sports or his ability to play sports, take a drink!

In the Dog-House- Every time Air Bud scores (Touchdown, homerun, basket, whatever) take a drink. Take ANOTHER drink if the people question how he can do certain things (free throws, punts, bunts, etc) and yes this kind of doubles over on the rule about how do dogs play sports so technically 2 drinks.

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