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The Amazingly Average Show: Television Transforms and Rolls Out

We pour one out for all the Fallen TV series as we dive into the pre-Upfronts seasons with surprise cancellation, renewals and one timeless show that surpassed expectations and was resurrected after our recording!...

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An Ode to the CW Network

Here’s the golden rule of entertainment, there is no golden rule of entertainment. There’s no magic formula you can apply to a product to guarantee that it will be success. Sadly that mean shows...


Introducing Crossover Corner

If there’s one thing we love to do on this site is introducing features that get used once and never mentioned again! In that spirit, we’re here to introduce the latest section on the...


Beware The Batman Breakdown: Tests

[Beware The Batman Breakdown will be a series that examines each episode of the short-lived Beware the Batman, which aired on Cartoon Network in 2013.] Beware The Batman Episode 3 – Tests: Bruce puts Katana...


151 Proof Hangover: Monster Trucks Review

After carefully crafting the perfect set of drinking rules, Penguin and Swan embark on reviewing these disastrous films, and sharing the results with the world. Join us!] Monster Trucks currently sits at 32% on Rotten Tomatoes...