151 Proof Hangover: Monster Trucks Review

After carefully crafting the perfect set of drinking rules, Penguin and Swan embark on reviewing these disastrous films, and sharing the results with the world. Join us!]

Monster Trucks currently sits at 32% on Rotten Tomatoes after checking it out, I feel like maybe folks were a bit too harsh to the movie. It won’t be remembered as a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but not a bad way to spend the night.

The first order of business, we have to discuss the monster design. For a movie intended for kids, I found the overall design to be a bit more monstrous than anticipated. I felt the monster should have been a bit warmer and friendly looking. Especially near the end when the monster begins to show its teeth it can be a bit jarring.MonsterTrucks_Creech

Aside from that the rest of the movie is a decent ride. The concept is unique and they do a solid job of explaining it. There are some fun stunts involving the various vehicles.

On the note of the scary monster, I’m also surprised at how blood-thirsty the villain of this movie is. There’s no bone around the fact that he actually wants to kill the people he is pursuing. Going as far as to attempt to run Trip off the road on a cliff at one point. Our hero survives, but it’s still kind of dark.

As for our drinking game, the rules were a bit of a mixed bag. First even though the monster is nicknamed “Creech,” it hardly comes up in the movie. Actually, it would be a better rule if you drank anytime someone says Trip’s name. Then there was the Dodge logo rule, which worked decently at the start but died down about half way through the movie.

Creech entering and exiting the truck is almost not used in the movie. Though guess has some value.

The stunt rule proved to be the one with the most vitality. It appears throughout the film and a lot of cool visual stuff they get to do with a living creature inside of a vehicle.

Not sure what would add to the list, aside from Trip’s name drop, to make this a more well-rounded drinking game. But it may be enough to get you through since enjoyable enough.


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