151 Proof Movies: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Drinking Game

Back in April of last year, we finally caved in and watched the original Twilight film. After one long terrible night, we decided one was all we needed. For this week’s film, we decided to leave our fortunes in the hands of the Razzies Awards. Whichever film won the Worst Film of 2012, would be our pick. Much to our chagrin, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 won out. So nearly a year after swearing off the franchise after the first film, we return to round it out with the final film.

Since the Twilight films are so complex and different, we shall basically use the rules from the original Twilight film with a few modifications.

Without further adieu, the drinking rules follow:

  1. Sexy Time– Whenever Bella does that thing where she bites her lips, take a drink.
  2. Me So Horny, Me Stare at You Long Time– Every time Edward stares into Bella’s soul, take a drink! If the two have sex, take a drink!
  3. Rinse and Repeat– Every time Bella touches her hair, take a drink.
  4. A Rose by Any Other Name- Every time Edward, Bella or Renesmee’s names are mentioned, take a drink.
  5. The Light! The Light!– Every time a vampire sparkles in the sunlight, take a drink!
  6. Vampires vs Werewolves– For every death in the film, take a drink.

There we go, the 6 rules that will finally put this franchise to bed for us!

As always, you can join us on Friday night for our live-tweeting of the film using hashtag #151Pm and following @GT_NOTR and @Wooden_Pint.

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