151 Proof Hangover: Far Cry Review

For a movie I experienced years ago I remembered practically nothing. Watching the trailer I even had to ask myself whether or not I had actually seen it or just dreamed it. But it seems I was correct in having remembered watching it, the few things I remembered were still there and still fairly entertaining. As for the rest of the movie, let us just say that it was below average.

The acting in this movie was just bloody awful. Our leading man, Hugo Stiglitz, gave the impression that the last thing he wanted to do was be filming this movie, regardless of how comfortable he was holding a gun. Though the scene where he had to shoot barrels free from their trapping as he drove past was very limp wristed.

The action scenes were better than one would expect them to be but still not very good for the most part. They fell victim to too much slow motion and shakey cam. I will give the movie credit for having some pretty entertaining practical gore effects though.

On the hole I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anybody but if for some reason you happen to end up watching it you may find one or two things to enjoy.

PS: The whales mentioned through out are never actually watched, so be warned

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