151 Proof Special: Election Day 2016

I mean 151 Proof Movie segment is usually reserved for horrible trainwrecks, and based on how the general populace has been responding over the past 2 years, we may get to watch one live. So we thought it best to aide you get through the reminder of Election Day with one of our trademark drinking games.

  1. 50 Stars – Take a drink every time a state is called for a candidate.
  2. And This Just In – Any time a network uses the “Breaking (News)” segment/segway, take a drink.
  3. 50/50 – Whenever the news declares that “This race is too close to call,” take a drink.
  4. Poll-Watcher – Whenever there is a mention of when polls are closing or reminder that polls are closing soon, take a drink.
  5. And Now To… – If they throw it to one of their field reporters outside/inside a candidate’s campaign headquarters, take a drink. Take 2, if they ask what’s the mood like right now.
  6. Swing, Swing, Swing – For any mentioned of “Swing” or battleground states, take a drink.

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