151 Proof Movies: House of the Dead

We are in the most festive of times here on Nerds on the Rocks, while we haven’t really covered many Halloween-related stuff officially, we have been getting wasted on some pretty bad horror films. For the most part, they have all used the rules established in Beers n Fears Vol 1,2 and 3.

However for this movie, we had to go back to the well and craft a new set of rules. One thing, you can say about 151 Proof Movies is we love our bad licensed movies. We’ve done Batman, Street Fighters, Tekken, DragonBall and so much more. So of course with the Halloween season around the corner, we searched high and low for the perfect bad movie to celebrate. And when it comes to bad movies, no one is better than the king Uwe Boll. And really nothing says cheesy horror like the House of the Dead series. So we shall be checking out House of the Dead, and if we really hate ourselves in the morning maybe House of the Dead 2.

But enough with the backstory, you want to know how to get your drink on with this amazing drinking game. Well let’s head to big-board!

1) Take a Drink Whenever a Human Dies– Let’s be honest, its a zombie movie. There’s only one way to make sure we know they are a threat, people’s got to die!

2) Take a Drink Whenever a Cheesy One-Liner is Uttered– If you’ve ever played the House of the Dead series, you know cheesy one-liners are the norm. I would expect nothing less from an adaption. I would honestly feel ripped off if it didn’t have bad dialogue!

3) Every Time Footage from the Game is Used– I haven’t seen the movie before, but I do remember this being a criticism against the film when it came out. So why not celebrate it with a drink?

4) The Teen Rule– This is a bit vague, and kind of combines several horror rules. But the usual stupid teenage rules, drinking, sex, random cleavage shots, all deserve drinks. But only if done by the teenagers, not by adult figures in the movie (if there are any)

There you have it. As always, we shall test our these rules and return with the results!

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