TV Is Back for the Week of September 24th, 2017

#TVIsBack and we are about to kick it into overdrive. While last week saw the return of a few big shows, this week will really see the return and debut of all manners of shows. Let’s get to it.

Sunday 9.24.17

Star Trek Discovery (CBS/All Access) – We boldly go once more, the first Star Trek series in over a decade makes its debut tonight on CBS before switching over to its streaming service.

Monday 9.25.17

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – We would be misguided if we didn’t include the return of broadcast TV’s biggest show. According to the promo, Sheldon is proposing marriage so there’s that.

Young Sheldon (CBS) – If you like The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon does CBS have some great news for you! Yes, we’re getting this TBBT prequel series focused on a younger Sheldon.

Kevin Can Wait (CBS) – We’re including this show simply because we can’t think of anything similar to the twist on TV. With a so-so rookie season, the show is looking to retool a bit by killing off the love-interest to repair Kevin James with his TV wife from another series!

Me, Myself & I (CBS) – The show’s premise seems really cool. And the youngest version is one of the best parts of “It” and want to see what the future holds for him.

The Brave (NBC) – A non-CBS show!

The Good Doctor (ABC) – Not quite sure what to make of this show, we have seen our fair share of extraordinary doctors on TV, but the main actor has a certain charisma about him that makes us intrigued to at least check out the first episode.

Tuesday 9.26.17

Lethal Weapon (Fox) – We’ll take the L on this one, Lethal Weapon has proven to be a really fun buddy cop series, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two in season 2.

The Mick (Fox) – One of last year’s breakout comedies is back with even more outrageous situations, but still the heart of a family.

This is Us (NBC) – Last year’s break-out drama is back for a second season. Can’t say that we actively watch the show, but much like TBBT above, it would be misguided to exclude it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox) – Last year ended with a big ole cliffhanger so we’re curious to see what becomes of Jake and Rosa in the new season, but we can rest assured there will be plenty of laughs along the way.

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC) – Law & Order has always had crimes ripped from the pages of newspaper, but never have they dedicated an entire series to a single crime. Curious to see how they handle the latest trend in crime drama.

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