TV Is Back for the Week of September 24th, 2017

Wednesday 9.27.17

The Blacklist (NBC) – With the parental mystery finally out of the way and Red fighting from behind, it looks like The Blacklist is about to get the injection of energy it has needed.

Empire (Fox) – Perhaps one of the craziest and most over the top show in primetime is set to return. Never one to hide from its soap roots, it looks like part of this season will deal with an amnesia plotline and war with another family!

Speechless (ABC) – One of the more important shows on TV returns, and hoping for some more feel good moments.

Modern Family (ABC) – One of the longest running comedies on TV. We guess it’s a bit of an old hat since couldn’t really find trailer for the upcoming season.

SEAL Team (CBS) – It looks like it will be a show needed for this time in history.

Designated Survivor (ABC) – With the conspiracy behind them (for now), the adventures of our new President continues.

Thursday 9.28.17

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – The grandmother of TGIT returns for its 14th season, and we expect there will be plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Superstore (NBC) – A truly genuine comedy that has just great characters gets a bit of a remodel this year after a storm wiped out their store at the end of last season.

The Good Place (NBC) – Debuting in its proper time slot.

Will & Grace (NBC) – The return of one of the most beloved comedies of the current generation.

Great News (NBC) – Apparently this show premiered sometime earlier this year, but season 2 is entering the “Must See TV” and it does seem like a fun show.

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) – After perhaps the show’s biggest twist, fans around the world are curious to see how they piece this show back together!

Friday 9.29.17

MacGyver (CBS) – MacGyver still has the most punchable face on TV, but I think the dude in the promo pic with him is really trying to compete. Also the show is back for a second season!

Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC) – The show is making its official debut on the small-screen. If you saw it in the theater, there is additional content if you’re checking it out for a second time.

The Exorcist (Fox) – It’s almost spooky time and the Exorcist is here for a treat!

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) – The show made waves after 7 seasons over the summer by getting rid of two of their bigger minority characters because wouldn’t give them pay equity so the world wants to see how the show shakes it up now.

Z Nation (Syfy) – Zombies roam the Earth!

There we go. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but there are plenty of shows to check out this week!

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