After introducing our newest feature on the site this afternoon, I realized that I’ve never actually done it before for most of our features. Generally, the first post in each has an explanation as to what we hope to accomplish with each feature, but may evolve over time and be difficult to track down. Instead of clogging the main page with dozens of articles explaining various features on the site, this should serve as an entry level guide to understanding Nerds on the Rocks.

The first, and perhaps most important thing to keep in mind, is that a lot of these features are just normal features re-skinned to fit into the Bar/Tavern/Pub thing we tried to establish with the site due to our parent forum, GameTavern.

Now for the features themselves:

151 Proof Movies

  • 151 Proof Movies is the place where we post our own custom drinking games to play during your favorite or not so favorite movies. Generally, after posting these rules our crack team will then take them for a spin and usually post impressions and revisions to the rules.
  • 151 Proof Hangovers when we’re done with our movies, it’s time to share our thoughts. This will mostly take the form of short reviews, but it may also include updated/revised rulesets and film rankings for any major theme months.

Elxir Mixer

  • Our section where we dress up drink recipes for you to try out.

Art Distillation

  • The section where we interview/discuss projects with artists/musicians/writers/programmers, anyone who creates something that we love.

Ask a Dork

  • Every week, Trent answers important and life-changing questions… or whatever non-sense we throw his way! If you want to get in on the game can always submit questions to admin@nerdsontherocks.com for him. Nothing is off-limits…maybe!

Bar Banter

  • Think of this as our editorial section. A place where we can go to vent our frustration over another comic book death or to praise some company for doing something smart for once or just to make light of vampires in popular media these days!

Batman Vs:

  • This is just for fun. A segment where we match Batman up with various other pop culture icons and see if and how he would defeat them.

Cooking with Nerds

  • Much like Elixir Mixer, Cooking with Nerds is where we spice up old favorites with just a hint of sadistic humor. Want to know how to best prepare your chocobo for dinner? Ever craved having Kirby for desert? This is the place to find out!

Drunken Dialect

  • The place to go for our community spotlight features. Whether it is cross posting opinions/thoughts from our forums or our Twitter account, this is the place to find it.


  • What’s old is new again! When we want to look back at older products whether through a review or a special edition podcast, Flashback is where we’ll go!

Nerds with Words

  • This works hand in hand with our Drunken Dialect sector though instead of cross posting, we leave a topic or point of discussion up on the site for our readers to discuss in the comments section.

Nostalgia with a Twist

  • Nostalgia is an interesting beast, and can play tricks with our minds. Instead of jumping into a time-machine and being 5 again, we want to have fun with the past and review shows based solely on their opening. We never listened when mother told us to not judge a book by its cover. Which we will start doing as well!

Nerds on the Rocks

  • This should probably be self explanatory since it is the name of the site, but this is where our main podcast goes. General nerd-tainment podcast which covers the spectrum from comics to movies to games and anything inbetween and overlapping!

Dual Wielding

  • This is where you go to find our gaming podcast. Listen as we discuss the week in gaming news and our own gaming habits!

Power Hour

  • We give video games an hour and then share our thoughts with you!

Scheme & Sketch

  • Our… sometimes weekly drawing contest, where you submit ideas for an image to be drawn and our resident staff artist will do it for you! Let your imagination run wild.

Special Service

  • Sometimes, we like to carve out a chunk of content for a very special series. This is where you’ll find it. From our “Project Batman” leading up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises to Kaiju Kommentary as we march to the release of Godzilla, it will be here.

Talk of the Town

  • “Did you hear about?” This is where you go to get our thoughts on the things that are creating the biggest buzz in the nerdy world. Thoughts on trailers for games and movies, hands on impressions (when possible), anything that previews an upcoming thing will be here.

The Tab

  • The place to go every Monday to find out what the week in geek will cost you! We run down the big releases in cinema, games, DVD/Blu-rays and comics.