Top 7 Street Fighter The Movie Moments

First, I want to thank everyone who joined us for our Street Fighter: The Movie viewing party. It was a blast. We had a ton of people show up and just have a good ole time with the film. We hope to do more of these events in the future.

Second, since we’ve already reviewed Street Fighter: The Movie on this site twice, we figured we would mix it up a bit this year, and give you a Top 7 Moments from this film. Let’s get to it!

7)The Accents – First entry on the list, and we are already cheating! But seriously just try and figure out the accents that each character/actor is trying to put on. We’re most fond of Guile’s American accent and DJ’s Jamaican accent? We didn’t know either!

6)The Final Pose – What is a fighting game movie with a final group shot of all of our heroes posing…in their trademark pose?


5)The Sumo Whipping – This scene in itself isn’t too memorable, but as was pointed out to us during our viewing, the thing that makes this music is the random, generic Hawaiian music playing in the background. You see E. Honda is Hawaiian so it makes total sense for a scene with him being whipped to have the proper music, right?


The rest of the list, there are no words I could offer. Just watch!

4)“Home Speech”


3)“Of course!”


2)“Change The Channel”




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