151 Proof Hangover: Jim Carrey-less Sequel Month Result

A new year means we get to mess around with the format for 151 Proof Hangover features. While you can still expect weekend reviews/recaps for a lot of our movies, we are testing out doing more “themed” months as well, and while those will also come with their own recaps.. we are also going to try to do a recap of the entire month’s worth of movies.

Since we did 4 movies for Jim Carrey-less sequel month, thought it was only fitting to rank the films on their merits as films and a drinking game with minor write-ups. Since this list is done by both Swan and I, we compiled a Top 4 list separately and combined the rankings. The order is based on where they worked out on the combined list, though it was just a matter of which we thought deserved first and second.

4)Son of The Mask– There was no real good expectations going into this film, and somehow it managed to be worse than we could imagine. We’ve seen a LOT of terrible movies, but Son of the Mask will be one of those that sticks with us for some time. On the flip side, this was perhaps the best drinking game of the lot with a lot of rules getting used often. Laugh Count: 0 Penguin 0 Swan 0

3)Ace Ventura Jr. Pet Detective The final film in our viewing, and quite honestly can’t remember much of it. I believe it is the film with the largest gap between the original and its release, and its also the film that apes the most from Carrey’s legacy, but as a film there’s really not much there. And it’s always difficult to review films that are solely created to cater to kids, but this was just bland and boring sadly. The drinking for this film was a bit of a hit or miss, there would be periods of lots of√ā¬†consecutive√ā¬†drinking and then long stretches of nothing happening. Laugh Count 1: Swan 1 Penguin 0

2)Evan Almighty– Pound for pound, Swan and I agree that this is the best film in the series, but it just lacked that little something to push it above Dumb and Dumberer on this list. It has the most connection the original movie using one of the secondary characters as a central character and bringing back Morgan Freeman as God, it is also the film with the best acting and most consistent plot. It was a pretty solid drinking game as well. Laugh Count 0: Swan 0 Penguin 0

1)Dumb and Dumberer When Harry met Lloyd– This is on the top of the list for one reason, it managed to get the most laughs out of us.. or at least Swan! It is also the only film in the series that was a prequel instead of a sequel in some fashion. For most of the film, there really isn’t much of a plot, but the main characters are likeable enough. Though the real star of this film was Bob Saget’s minor role in this film. Really made for some amazing moments. The drinking was fairly solid for this movie as well. Laugh Count: 3 Swan 3 Penguin 0

There you have it.. 4 Jim Carrey-less sequels.. and in total only 4 laughs for 4 comedies. It really wasn’t the best of time, but they weren’t all offensively bad!√ā¬†February√ā¬†will return to normal weekly movies!

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