151 Proof Movies Hangover: 3 Ninjas

Going back to a movie (or anything really) that you loved as a kid is always a crap shoot. For one, your taste tends to evolve and grow as you do. Two, sometimes things are better left in the fondness of your memories than actually re-living it. I mentioned in our write-up for the 3 Ninjas that I had fond memories of this movie as a kid, and it was only on our list because we had to eventually do the other 3 Ninjas films, but does it hold up as well?

Let’s get to the scoreboard!



This is another one of those movies that I personally loved as child, having watched it every few weeks, but I have not seen it in over a decade. Revisiting things from childhood is never a good idea, especially if wish to keep those happy memories alive. If this had been my first ever viewing of the movie I would have scored it with a 2, the extra point was added on for the happy childhood memories I have of it. As a movie it is very flawed, with poor acting, bad writing and obviously trying to be a Home Alone knock off though I will admit there were a few scenes in it that gave me a legitimate chuckle. One great example of this would be the main villain laughing to himself and exclaiming, “I love being a bad guy!” something you would think is heard more often in movies.

Should you see this movie? In my opinion, that depends on whether or not you enjoyed it as a kid. If so, then rewatch and relive some childhood memories, if you have never seen this, steer clear of this one.

Earl- 3

This may seem like a high score, but honestly if you take this movie for what it is (A kid’s flick) it does hold up remarkably well. The fights are well-choreographed and fun. The children are likable and have defined personalities, if a bit one-dimensional. The supporting cast was a bit goofy and over the top. Really they were like walking stereotypes, but it wasn’t that awful that it made me cringe. It just wasn’t that special. The “romantic” element of the movie was underplayed, but somehow overplayed at the same time. Rocky and Emily really never goes that far, but the way the brothers taunt him about it, would seem like it was a central element of the movie. 

All in all, stay for the 3 kids and the fights. Just kind of half pay attention to the rest. 


Swan- 4

This movie came out fighting with 6 drinks in the first 4 minutes thanks our Kick = Drink rule, which is a true killer for any movie with the word “Ninja” in the title. The kick rule was the consistent drinker through out this film, with grouping of 2 -3 kicks per instance. The runner-up rule would definitely have to be our “Rocky Loves Emily” rule, though it only really came up in two scenes but when it did it was a good 10 drinks each. I believe those 2 rules alone killed 2 beers in 20 minutes. Our other 2 rules were not as eventful but still had there moments, home alone traps were very home alone-ish and Tum Tum did indeed eat food. If you really want to go crazy with this movie we though of 2 more rules to add, but only for the bravest of the brave. The first being Drink at every obvious stunt double, the second being every time the Ninja Names are uttered allowed.

Earl- 4

This was a 2 rule movie no doubt about it. The kick rule.. kicked our asses far more than it did in any JCVD movie. The ninjas were kicking dummies, were kicking ninjas, were kicking kidnappers.. there was just kicking every where. The other rule was “Rocky Loves Emily” which only shows up a handful of times in the movie. But the first time it shows up, it is uttered.. 18 times (counting both brothers saying it in unison as 2 different ones), which we just used to finish our drinks. In both cases, relatively freshly opened beers. The second time, it is only uttered 10 times or so…

Tum Tum eating comes up a bit, but not nearly as much as his name would imply. And the home alone rule is fun for a scene, but that’s the extent of it. 

That was 3 Ninjas. A fun-family film, that also does a hell of a job while drinking!

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