Top 7 Comic Book Movie Food Scenes

Today is American Thanksgiving (so our Canadian friends don’t get offended), and the holiday means many things to many people. One thing it has come to mean is a wealth of fantastic food, and in that spirit, we are here today to present our Top 7 Favorite Food-Based Scenes from Comic Book Movies!

For the sake of this list, food consumption must be a key aspect of the scene. Can’t simply be consuming a beverage or have food sitting about.

7. Iron Man 2: Donut Scene – Sometimes you just want to take a break from it all… in a giant donut while eating a donut!


6. Batman: Dinner Scene – I guess one of the problems with being insanely, unbelievably rich is that you may end up entertaining guests in a part of the house you’ve never used before? #FirstWorldProblems much?


5. Spider-Man 3: Pie Scene – What can we say? It’s so good!


4. Superman 2: Diner Scene – The scene in the movie is a bit of a jerk move, but this scene is still extremely funny. Not only that, but the diner food seems pretty decent.




3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze: Pre-Fight Donut – This is one tradition I wish more people took part in. Could you imagine if major UFC fights started with a donut?


2. Thor: Diner Scene – This is probably one of the more memorable scenes in the original Thor movie, take that as you will. But it is a fun scene for many reasons. We want another!


1. The Avengers: Shawarma Scene – The scene that inspired this list, and the sales of shawarma to increase well greatly. But really why it tops the list is how simple and beautiful it is. No words were exchanged!


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