Broken News: Studios Take Aim at American Sniper Surprise Success

With the surprise success of American Sniper, breaking all sorts of box-office records in January, movie companies are hard at work re-tooling some of their major releases for 2015 and 2016 to take advantage of this phenomenon . We were given an advanced look at some of the early examples and wanted to share them with you.


  • Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War will now be known as Marvel’s American Captain America. (They decided it was best to drop the Civil War as it may conjure up some negative feelings for part of the country.)
  • Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron will equally be rebranded The Avengers: Age of America and focus on the engineering spirit of one of our greatest minds, Tony Stark.
  • Not one to be left behind Marvel again, Warner Bros is looking to rename Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to… well Batman v Superman: Dawn of Truth, Justice and the American Way. It will be about how Superman learns to value and accept the value of American life after the events of Man of Steel.
  • Equally, Mad Max: Fury Road will be changed to Mad Max: American Road, which will see our hero journey through America and hearing all the personal tales of courage while over coming adversity from coast to coast.
  • To challenge themselves, the marketing department behind Terminator Genisys wanted to see if they could come up with a name that was equally as awful while still being patriotic so the movie shall now be known as…¬†Terminator: GenUSAs.
  • While a lot of these movies are simple renaming jobs, the next one actually has the studio thinking about pushing back the release date and filming new scenes. The thought is turning Fifty Shades of Gray into Fifty Stars of Gray which would see a man fall in love with a woman who isn’t completely patriotic and try to show her these colors don’t run. Showing her why we represent the red, white and blue!
  • One of the industry’s greatest franchises will no longer be a “Galaxy, far, far away” as Disney looks to turn Star Wars: The Force Awakens into¬†Star Wars: America Awakens. The Jedi Counsel finds America drifting through space in¬†cryostasis.

Some other names that have come across our desk:¬†Now You See aMErica, LEGO USA, Assassin’s Creed: The American Revolution, Paul Blart: American Cop (Though we hear this one is being fought at several levels), Don’t Mess with Texas, American Spy,¬†Americanions, The Man from U.S.A, and our favorite London Has Fallen Because of America!


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