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Top 7 Celebrity Cameos

Celebrity cameos divide opinion; some see them as the mark of a bad film, including high caliber actors and rarely using their full potential to merely break the pace of an otherwise good movie. Others see them as a rare treat and wink from the film makers, seeing some of their favorite actors in completely unexpected scenarios. Here’s a list of 7 unexpected/ amazing cameos from the world of cinema and TV.

Ryan Reynolds in Ted

This one was totally unexpected. Ted is classic McFarlane, littered with racial obscenities, talking animals and even cut-gags lifted straight from Family Guy and thrown into live action. Ryan Reynolds’ cameo features him without any lines whatsoever as Guy’s (Patrick Warburton) gay lover, who also beats him up…


Peter Jackson in almost everything…

… That he’s ever done at least. That’s right Jackson has cameoed in every film he’s ever made, and the parts he chooses are often less than flattering. Highlights include being shot by Legolas in The Return of The King, playing an aggressive biker in The Frighteners and an old drunkard eating a carrot in The Fellowship of The Ring. A personal favourite has to be his role in Hot Fuzz, namely the Father Christmas who stabs Simon Pegg in the hand.


This Is The End

This film gets a bit of a special mention really as it’s not even out yet but the entire cast is pretty much a cameo appearance, and as further trailers are released we’re sure to see more fantastic cameos cropping up. So far, aside from the main cast, we’ve seen Michael Cera, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Aziz Ansari and Emma Watson! The film looks to be one long hilarious series of cameos and just straight up hilarious. Check out the trailer:


Bill Murray in Zombieland

Who doesn’t love Bill Murray?! Zombieland features the comedic group of survivors holing up in Bill Murray’s house after searching it out with a Hollywood star map. At which point the hilarious Mr Murray reveals himself to be alive, having survived the apocalypse by disguising himself as a zombie. He has an active lifestyle! Unfortunately Bill is promptly dispatched by Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) after a practical joke. Any regrets, Bill? “Garfield, probably”.


Joe Biden in Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is one of the funniest shows on TV right now, and better yet it’s been consistently funny across it’s five seasons. It’s so widely acclaimed they even managed to get the Vice President of the United States to cameo on the show. Joe Biden is Councilwoman Knope’s (Amy Poehler) hero, idol and sexual fantasy all rolled into one and her fiancé Ben (Adam Scott) manages to get her a hilarious meeting with him.


Matt Damon in House of Lies

When Marty Kaan isn’t trying to pitch social online gambling, to Vegas’ casino tycoons, he’s been taking care of more pressing business back in LA during season 2. Such business includes a hilariously uncouth cameo from none other than Matt Damon! (Team America voice optional) Matt is trying to launch a new charity but spends most of his time being crude, hungover or high. Mostly all three.


Sesame Street!

Over the years, Sesame Street has had a fantastic selection of celebrity appearances talking with some of the most famous puppets in the world and helping our youth to learn. Here’s one of my favourite appearances, Robin Williams on what is alive.


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