Top 7 TGIF CatchPhrases

Here at Nerds on the Rocks, we were big fans of TGIF. A few months back, we even dedicated an episode to Nerds on the Rocks to that block of shows that ran every Friday night for the better part of a decade.

Somewhere recently though, a TGIF catch-phrase re-entered my life, and for the life of me I can’t remember which or why, but it did give me inspiration for this article. We take a look at the biggest and best catch-phrases from TGIF line-up.

7) “As If”Cher (Clueless)– This is at the bottom of the list for the simple reason that it actually originates from the film of the same name. It carried over to the TV series, but I really didn’t want to give it credit over TV made ones.


6) “The Feeny Call”Eric Matthews (Boy Meets World)– There was some debate as to whether or not this counted as a “catchphrase” but since “Newman” is one of the more iconic ones from Seinfeld, I decided to allow it. This was introduced later in the Boy Meets World mythos, but it was the special call that Eric would give to his mentor/teacher Mr. Feeny. Even played it up in the final episode of the series.


5) “How Rude!”Stephanie Tanner (Full House)– I attempted to limit this list to one catchphrase per show, but there was just some shows that were over-powered with them, one such show was Full House, and Stephanie’s “How Rude!” It was short, simple and could be used in all situations.


4) “Don’t be rid-cool-us”Balki (Perfect Strangers)– Balki was a strange apple, and his fun with words was part of his charm. One of his longest-lasting phrases was “Don’t be rid-cool-us” whenever someone questioned something he did or said.


3) “Not the Mama”Baby Sinclair (Dinosaurs)– The bane of Earl Sinclair was the way that his infant son greeted him, not as father, pops, dad or daddy but as “Not the Mama” to show that.. well he wasn’t the mama.


2) “You Got it Dude” Michelle Tanner (Full House)– In the 90s, there was perhaps no character more adorable and more beloved on television than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Michelle Tanner. What really set the character apart though was her catchphrase, “You Got it Dude” which was always accompanied by a positive thumbs up.


1) “Did I do That?”Steve Urkel (Family Matters)– Steve Urkel was a human-wrecking machine especially when it came to the Winslows’ household. Whenever he would tear through furniture, walls, garages and the likes, he would always asset the damage before uttering one of the longest-lasting catchphrases in TV history, “Did I Do that?”



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