The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – “Vatos”

After shedding a few tears on the abortion of a weekend that my local sports team and/or college had, I reluctantly watched episode 4 of The Walking Dead in hopes that some zombie-blood could ease my pain.

The Walking Dead Episode 4 – “Vatos”, aired on November 21st, 2010.

The Gist:
-A few of the characters get into a kerfuffle with some apparent latino gang members holed up in a nursing home, who are being led by a janitor – and who eventually have their ‘gang’ cover blown once someone’s grandma stops the violence like only a grandma can. Someone digs some holes, the camp gets attacked by some zombies, and some people are eaten.

The Good:
– Zombies being killed. Every time they kill a significant amount of zombies, I’m all for it – and it will keep going into the “pro” pile. Zombie killing improves every show. More shows need to kill zombies. It would really spice up a lot of shows.
– Some characters actually died. I was wondering when they were going to thin out the herd – and I think they did a perfect job of it.
-Solid acting jobs from the main characters of this episode.
-The guy digging the holes all day in the sun was really creepy, even when he wasn’t acting insane.

The Bad:
– What type of life did Grandma lead where she can remain totally casual to walk into a standoff of a bunch of people with guns?
-I don’t feel like anything was really ‘accomplished’ in this episode. Some people got killed off, and they got some guns. That’s really all that was accomplished. I hope with only 2 episodes left they pull up the straps.
-I was waiting for the girl to come back to ‘life’ immediately and bite her sister as she was mourning her death. I was a little let down that it didn’t happen after I built up anticipation in my own mind. Maybe it will happen at the beginning of next episode.

Recommendation: I think it’s worth watching if only to see characters get killed off in a touching and tragic way. Check it.

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