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Game of the Year Countdown: March 2010

We are coming to an end of the jam-packed Q1 and March was perhaps the most packed month of them all with several HUGE releases. Should have kept most normal people busy through the drought the summer would bring, but let’s get to March!

MegaMan 10 (WiiWare/PSN/XBLA) 8.2

This is the first downloadable entry on our list, but certainly won’t be the last. A solid follow-up to Megaman 9 and a fun albeit not too different sequel.

MLB 10: The Show (PS3) 9.0

Most never really consider sports games for Game of the Year bids, but if there was a frontrunner in the category, you’re looking at her.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: (Xbox 360/PS3) 8.8

Another solid shooter. I really can’t say much else since haven’t played.

Major League Baseball 2k10 (360/PS3) 7.8

We met the forerunner for the throne, I guess this would be the brother who really doesn’t have a shot unless the prince is wiped out in a nasty situation.

Yakuza 3 (Ps3) 8.0

A late port to the States, which came just a bit neutered, but a fun experience all the same.

Final Fantasy 13 (360/PS3) 8.2

A most interesting game which caused quite a stir in the RPG/Final Fantasy fanbase, it may not win Game of the Year from many, but it is a game no one will soon forget.

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS) 8.6

I believe this is our first handheld entry in 3 months, and really it is only fitting that it is the biggest handheld franchise of all-time. While this is just a remake of the 2nd generation series, it does introduce some new things such as the Poke-walker. Not quite sure if its Game of the Year material, but another solid entry in the Pokemon franchise.

God of War 3 (PS3) 9.3

Kratos returns and he is just as angry as ever, as you rip and tear and brutalize everything in your path. Perhaps, a top nominee for Game of the Year, def near the top of the list for PS3 Game of the Year.

Perfect Dark (XBLA) 8.0

This is really just an upgraded port of the n64 classic, but you don’t get to become a classic without awesome gameplay. Contender for downloadable game of the year.

Cave Story (WiiWare) 8.7

A PC freeware, gets the Nintendo Wii make over as it becomes a more meaty and substantial downloadable title. A fun and tight game similar in some ways to Metroid.

Just Cause 2 (Ps3/360) 8.2

A sequel to the ultimate go anywhere, do anything open world game. The stunts are crazier, the action more intense and you are still using that parachute like its going out of style.

Red Steel 2 (Wii) 8.2

Personally, the most underrated game released this year in my eyes. Not only is it a solid game, but it really mixes up the first person genre with an equal focus on guns and melee comabt. A truly fantastic showcase of the Wii Motion Plus capabilities.

WarioWare DIY (DS) 8.2

Another entry from the DS, this time Wario has opened up his shop to allow gamers to create their own microgames so you can add to the zany action of this most bizarre franchise.

That’s a wrap for March 2010. Like I said packed to the brim with games like God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13 and Red Steel 2. Honestly, God of War 3 is really the only game that has a shot of being Game of the Year, though I personally preferred Red Steel 2.

Game of the Month:

Even his back looks angry.

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