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Secret Origins of The Green Lantern

In several decades, the core idea behind the Green Lantern origin (we’re referring to Hal Jordan in this case) hasn’t really changed. So here’s a quick and simple primer!


The clip (thanks to Superfriends) pretty much gives you the essential origins of Hal Jordan. Generally when the origins are expanded, its on the side of Abin Sur (the purple alien in the clip.) Various origins such as Geoff Johns’ Secret Origins expands on the fact that Abin Sur was transporting Atrocious, Emerald Knights (the latest DC DTV) hints at something similar, the movie seems to deal with Parallax, and various others just don’t give much of a reason why.

So there you have it, Green Lantern origins 101 in less than 5 minutes!


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  1. maroc zik says:

    It bothers me that Green Lantern will be a bigger hit than Super 8. The latter is CLEARLY a better movie. I just don’t understand the audience’s fascination with crap. Sure Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are hot but it amazes me that people would pay money to see two gorgeous people who can’t act, over a genuinely well-made movie like Super 8. Just sad.

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