Review Shooter: Burrito Bison Revenge

Burrito Bison is back for revenge.  The luchador must return to Candy Land after escaping the sugary dimension in the first game and retrieve his wallet, brutally squashing thousands upon thousands of gummy bears in the process.

Burrito Bison Revenge, from the independent game studio, Juicy Beast, is a launch game where as the game’s namesake you launch yourself at various wrestlers which fling you at gummies running for cover.  The goal is to break through several doors into various lands of candy and finally the vault where your wallet is being held.  Along the way you’ll slam into a number of powered gummies ranging from propeller hat wearing bears to ones looking suspiciously like nyan cats.

You’re awarded money for every gummy squahsed which can be traded in for an increase in your various attributes: speed, bounce, rockets, etc. as well as the number and power of gummies you encounter.

Revenge has expanded pretty much everything from the original game as well as offering a survival mode with an endless amount of doors to slam through and 120 missions (up from 8 in the original game) to squash.  Having beat them all, I tell you the one downside of this game is it can get quite grindy after a while.  To complete the last few I would launch the much upgraded Bison and then not touch the game for a good while as I racked up money and accidentally fulfilled some missions.  That said, the missions are just an nice extra for replayability and the main game is fun from start to finish.

Recommendation: PLAY IT!  It’s fun, funny, and completely awesome.  Did I mention it’s totally free?  Well it is!

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