Review: Peeples

They say that there is a finite number of stories in life, we just find ways to dress them up.

With that said, some products find ways of dressing up the same old story better than others. Sadly, Peeples isn’t one of those products. Feeling like a poor remake of Meet The Parents, or any other number of movies dealing with a guy trying to get his girlfriend’s overly protective father to accept his proposal, this movie doesn’t do a ton new, and what it does comes off as poor.

The film centers around Craig Robinson’s Wade Walker as he is introduced to the “Chocolate Kennedys”, his girlfriends well-to-do family. At the head of this family is David Alan Grier’s Virgil Peeples, a somewhat strict and stern father figure. Or at least what the film tells us, most of the movie just felt like a family afraid to communicate amongst themselves, not just with the father figure. The mother seems like she is upset she gave up her musical career and her drugs. Wade’s girlfriend, Grace Peeples, just seems to be a bit of a mess. As she told no one in her family she was dating Wade. I get if she told the rest of the family, and not the father, but again goes back to no one in the family communicating. Her sister, Gloria, is a secret lesbian who again tells no one. And the youngest is going through puberty in his own unique way.


None of these stories/arcs are really compelling, and the payoff is just a giant letdown. Instead of being a giant revelation for any of these characters, it all comes matter of factly, and we hardly get to see the reactions to any of it.

The laughs in the film are far and few between, and really doesn’t do anything clever with any of the characters. It also doesn’t help that the characters are pretty much one-note, and they all share the same note of distrust. I really wish the film had done something to make anything interesting.

Review 3 (Out of 7)There’s nothing worth watching in this film, but it isn’t terrible. It’s just unoriginal and really unfunny.

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