Polarity #1 Review

Written by: Max Bemis
Art by: Jorge Coelho

Welcome to the world of Polarity, a four issue story that had a very interesting first issue. This is a fun first issue that takes what seems to be an ordinary guy, Tim, and create a “crazy” world for him. We get a lot of good references that can make anyone from the 90s chuckle here and there. Also I find the whole concept of the lifestyle to be entertaining.

We are introduced to our main character Tim who learns that he is bi-polar after walking out in the street with no pants on and gets hit by a car. He is an artist who before being prescribed all of these new drugs was becoming successful. We see him post accident at an art exhibit with his work on display talking to his best friend. They talk about how this new hipster lifestyle is not him (makes a mention of him listening to Creed) and that the girl he is dating is only into him for his art/lifestyle. He asks him why he doesn’t talk to the girl he actually has feelings for who is at the event now.

Tim has a few lines in there that at the time seem a bit odd or out of place about how he feels he has powers to read people really well. He mentions how what type of guys and girls become Hipsters and why they do it. He does make several good points about being about to truly tell whats going on.

Later, that night we see Tim in bed with his girlfriend and she says she needs to talk. We see Tim hoping she is going to break up with him. She tells him that he has been distant and that she feels that when he is on his meds that his art has suffered. This upsets Tim, even though he knows she is right and goes to the bar himself. There he runs into the girl he really likes but doesn’t have the courage to ask her out, he blames it on the meds. Finally he decides to stop taking them.

We get some beautiful artwork here showing the effects Tim feels as each day goes on without his meds. We also see him lose his sanity as this process drags on. Finally after a couple of weeks his friend stops by to see if Tim is alive. When he sees the condition Tim is in and that he isn’t on his med and tries to stop him, Tim pushes his friend out the door. Tim has really pushed out any human contact during this time and has continued to state that he can read someone’s thoughts.

When it finally seems like Tim has completely lost it, he goes searching for this person. We hear how this person is eating a sandwich and lost sight of his target. Tim says the thoughts get louder as he gets closer. Finally time climbs though a window where the man is on the phone and says he lost his target, seems like someone has been keeping an eye on Tim. As Tim approaches the man pulls a gun and we have to shock of what appears to be some sort of other power Tim has. It is so shocking that it makes us wonder did this happen or is this something that is happening in Tim’s mind.

This is an out there story which has plenty of nice artwork to go along with it. I really don’t know where the story is headed and how it is going to fit into 4 short issues, but I will say it was fun and I’m looking forward to issue 2.

Overall, Buy Polarity #1. If you are a Superhero comic book reader like I am this is a nice way to mix things up and enjoy something different with a good story and well drawn art.

Let me know what you think below or on twitter (@joshraj9).

Josh Raj

Financial Analyst by day, DC Superhero by night! Fan of all things DC (Batman and Green Lantern). You can find me on Twitter: @joshraj9

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