Review Shooter: Batgirl #1

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Ardian Syaf

   Batgirl #1 follows Barbara Gordon’s new adventures as Batigirl, now that she’s able to walk again. And although her legs may work, she’s still got a lot of recovering to do.

I was very excited when I heard about this series, and honestly, it let me down. The dialogue is downright terrible, a lot of times while Barbara is talking or narrating, which is really a slap in the face since she’s the title character. It doesn’t sound like something people would ever say, even in the world of super hero comics. While it’s bad by itself, the conversations also come off really terribly. Again, it feels like these are characters on a page and this is how they’re supposed to act, so it doesn’t feel real or at all spontaneous or anything. There’s not really a scene in here that’s written well, but nothing stands out as significantly worse than the rest of the book. It’s consistent, but bad. You know what else is mishandled? The plot. Nothing really happens, at all. Barbara deals with a few criminals, and tries to get over the panic of doing this again, but it’s not even executed well. It feels like it was written by an inexperienced writer who has no idea how to pace things, which Gail Simone is not. The whole book just lacks any energy or urgency and doesn’t compel you to turn the page. It’s bland, uninteresting and just disappointing.

As for the art, it gets the job done but it could be much better. It’s not like its not detailed or ugly, but a lot of the angles that are chosen don’t really make sense and make it a bit hard to follow. And possibly the worst parts are the action scenes. The art doesn’t make it exciting or get across any danger or thrills. It just feels like the rest of it. The inks and colours fit well, but when the pencils aren’t great to begin with, there’s not really anything they can do to improve it.

Survival Rating: Life Support Not likely. Batgirl titles have never really lasted a long time, and we’ve seen much better ones.

Recommendation? Avoid it. Save your $2.99 and check out a different book from this week.


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