Project Batman: Batman Forever

This hasn’t been the most straight-forward of look backs since some movies were viewed before others due to either time or scheduling conflicts, and we’re ending on a middle movie due to the podcast.

Now Batman Forever, I could say a lot about the movie. I could talk about the fact that it’s the first major transition in leading roles (while there were many Batmen, their projects were all spread out while Forever served as a sequel to Batman and Batman Returns), I could mention it’s the first movie to give us an origin for Robin. I could even talk about the fact that it is the first time in near 50 years that we actually see Bruce Wayne inside of his company during a movie, which is really funny when you think about it!

But really there’s only one thing to take away from this movie:


Yes the greatest song ever featured in a Batman movie! Seal’s Kiss from a Rose. Listen and love it!

And that will conclude Project Batman, I hope you had fun with whatever non-sense I posted!

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