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The Perfect Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

Let’s face it, geeks are the new cool. No longer is it a word associated with those lacking social skills or looked upon as having a lesser standing in society. There may just be a geek inside us all and now that there’s no shame in openly admitting that you’re a geek you can start shopping for all those cool little must have geeky gifts and gadgets.

TetrisBlocksFor video game lovers there is plenty to choose from that will really help you get your geek on. Classic retro game lovers out there can buy a cool little twist on the standard types of mood lighting out there by picking up the Tetris Light. You can stack the light blocks however you want and each piece will light up in a different colour as they come in contact with each other.

SonicFans of Sonic the Hedgehog can also get to grips with the special collector’s edition Sonic Stress Ball which finds the iconic blue hedgehog mid-spin. Something which is also on show on the side of the Sonic 3D Motion Mug that moves Sonic around dependent on how you hold the porcelain.

InflateMusicTo really enjoy your musical moments and if you have a good set of lungs on you then perhaps you’ll be interested in the black or blue Inflatable iMusic Chair II. You can connect your device directly to the chair which houses surround sound speakers and gives you an immersive audio experience. Particularly useful if you’re playing roulette and other games where the sound output can help immerse you into the gameplay even further.

StormPhoneIf science fiction is your thing then we all know you’re not going to go home empty handed when it comes to trying to track down some Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who goodies. There’s the Star Wars Stormtrooper iPhone 5 Case or a number of special construction kits including the Star Wars Millennium Falcon or Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. There’s a little R2-D2 Kitchen Timer that begins when you twist his head and a really cool set of Star Wars Light Saber BBQ Tongs.

CookieJarAvid Doctor Whovians can get their hands on a Tardis Ceramic Cookie Jar, which sadly isn’t bigger on the inside, and if you have youngsters they can even get in on the action with a special red Doctor Who Ride In Dalek, ideal for the kiddies.

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