Post-Con Depression: Subterranean WonderCon Blues

It’s been just over a week since I was strolling the Anaheim Convention Center floor with my nerd brethren and how I wish I could hop in a DeLorean to go back to Easter Weekend. Looking at pictures helps but it doesn’t quite capture the excitement of enjoying the newest Batman animated feature with a couple hundred other fans, taking part in an impromptu dance party with the mos def Stormtrooper in the galaxy, or sitting elbow to elbow with your fellow H.P. Lovecraft enthusiasts in a packed panel. I even got to run into the Epic Movie Voice himself, Jon Bailey.IMG_8011

Coming Soon: You Reading This In My Epic Voice

I grew up in San Diego which has given me a different way to look at conventions. I watched my backyard comic book event explode into a media Mecca over the last decade, and while I find SDCC to still be fun on the whole, I don’t need to have every film and television studio cramming stuff down my throat to enjoy a convention. WonderCon 2015 was a welcome break from the zoo that was SDCC 2014 and the shall we say PG-13 escapades of Anime Expo (I’ve got my tickets for next year). It struck me as a family friendly event where you could casually chat with your favorite creators, buy some merch from the many vendors, and not be driven mad by the crowds. Even parking was a cinch (pro-tip: anywhere on West St that doesn’t require a permit is free and only a short walk away)!

My lone gripe: the noticeable lack of a DC booth (due to the company moving from its long-time New York offices to Burbank) or a Marvel booth (due to the entire staff preparing to count all the money they’ll be getting from Avengers 2) was a strange absence at a comic book convention. Nevertheless, their cosplay emissaries more than picked up the slack. The Big Two may not have had official floor space but their presence could be felt throughout the con anywhere you looked.


Mr. Grayson will see you now


They’re on their way to steal your girl

This week the Anaheim Convention Center will be home to the Star Wars Celebration, which will hopefully ease the recent news that WonderCon 2016 will be headed to Los Angeles. But it doesn’t matter where a con takes place. I would dare say even more important than its content are the attendees: you, the fans, make the convention. While some may complain about cosplay overshadowing cons as of late, seeing fans reinterpret beloved characters is part of what draws me to conventions. Getting to interact with my fellow nerds is what makes a con for me and WonderCon – you made my first convention as a member of the Press a blast. Excelsior!

Shout Outs to some unique cosplayers I ran into over the weekend:

  • – John is a fixture at So-Cal cons and his renditions of “Careless Whisper” can be heard for a small donation, but he can also play anime theme classics and other nerd favorites.
  • – remember in my intro I mentioned something about impromptu Stormtrooper dance parties? Welp this is the guy. THE guy. Sporting the freshest battle armor (modeled after an Addidas track suit) the Hip Hop Trooper broke it down on Sunday after the hall closed down. Parents and kids alike sung to Biz Markie while kickin’ it old school to classics like “Apache”. Itching to groove after the lack of a post-Masquerade dance on Saturday, his Imperial boom-box was just what the doctor ordered.
  • And what you’ve been waiting for (or not) – some of my favorite cosplays this year. Enjoy!


You know when Red Sonja is the first cosplay you see, its gonna be a good weekend. (Also, swoon!)IMG_7942

Brak and Moltar (complete with beans and coffee)IMG_7944

Cholo Joker (what chu lookin at, Bat hombre?)


I wanted to interview Roberto but he had to go practice his stabbing.. after he stabbed me


Who runs the world? Girls!… with super powersIMG_7966

All hail the mighty Swanson ‘Stache


And the award for cutest couple goes to…


Your humble author with a real man of steel


 Snapped this the instant before she took out some walkers creeping up on me




There’s not nearly enough Bat-Mite or Ace the Bat Hound cosplays


My favorite Robin


Hold on to your butts


Boltie from James Gunn’s super hero movie.. no, the other one


“Spider Jerusalem – how do you feel about politicians?”


I’ve never seen a Gene before and this guy was flawless


Rave Boba wants to give you a light show


 Spider-Gwen and Mary Jane thwipping it up


Somebody stop him – he ruined the Spiderman franchise! D:


 Dick pic

IMG_8070 *insert your own Archer reference here*


American Gothic.. literally/Death and my Jesse Custer cosplay that no one got D’:


Runner up for cutest couple. Seeing Doc and Marty make out was a dream come true


You’re standing on my neck


RUN – Fred has a lightsaber!


They did not appreciate my Jill Sandwich joke


Live long and prosper, WonderCon

Dan Crotty

Dan Crotty is a Los Angeles immigrant who loves great stories, IPA, and Hot Cheetos. IG: dannylarusso

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