Nerds on the Rocks 131: Summer Blockbuster Preview Show

Today marks the release of Iron Man 3, and the official kick-off to the summer movie scene. We decided it was time to sit down and talk all the big movies of the summer from Iron Man 3 to the Man of Steel to Pacific Rim, we got your bases covered.

Along the way, we rant and rave about Michael Bay and M. Night and robots and so much more.

This episode also marks the podcast debut of “Batman Vs.” As we ask you to submit your most insane, random and crazy match-ups for the Dark Knight and we see how he’ll do battle!

Batman Vs. Sarah Jessica Parker

Grab the large popcorn and soda, Nerds on the Rocks is live!

Question Of the Week: What is your most anticipated movie of the summer?

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The Cult of Bay:






Earl Rufus

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2 Responses

  1. Otto von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer says:

    The hate is strong in this one.

  2. Sniffle Snappulous says:

    Based on this alone, Batman Vs. Black Panther:

    And Pacific Rim.

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