7 Questions From Fifty Shades of Grey

Last week, we finally dipped into Fifty Shades of Grey for our 151 Proof Movies feature. The movie proved not to be for us, but it did leave us with a few burning questions. Maybe it’s answered in the sequel, maybe it doesn’t need an answer, maybe the booze got to me, who knows.

  1. What was the actual plot of the movie? Like when you sit-down and think about it, the movie’s central drive was Grey trying to get Anastasia to agree to the sex contract.
  2. Is the sex-contract negotiation scene not one of the most bizarre and cringey scenes in a film? There aren’t many… or any films we can think of where characters get to negotiate that anal and vaginal fisting are off the table.
  3. Speaking of, Mr. Grey’s sexual kinks are actually pretty tame. Was this neutered for the film version?
  4. What is it that Christian actually does? He is rich, we got that much, but what does his company actually do? Several scenes in his office and don’t think they ever give a hint as to what he actually does.
  5. Why is it assumed Christian is gay because he isn’t photographed with random women? It was a strange entry point especially since the roommate plays such a tiny role in the movie.
  6. That’s how the movie ends? Well when you factor in there was really not much of a plot, it’s hard to resolve something, but yeah odd ending.
  7. Why did we watch this movie? The most important question and one we shall never be able to answer.


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