Nerds on the Rocks 30: Nerdily Rumble

We’ve all done it. Gone over the stats, the figures, the history. We’ve boiled it down to the bare essentials and the most obscure facts. I’m talking about matching up fictional characters in all manners of way. And don’t deny you haven’t, there’s a reason Super Smash Bros is one of the best selling franchises of all time, why people eagerly anticipate Marvel vs Capcom 3, why JLA/Avengers comics exist and so much more. There’s something to be said about picturing these dream matches in your head. We went a step further and crafted an entire episode around some of these match-ups, that we’ve been highlighting all week long on the site. Set back, grade your score card and enjoy this fight to the Finish!

Download Ep 30

Earl Rufus

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