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NoTR 30 Countdown: Day 4

There has been some interesting match-ups on display these past few days on NoTR. Sadly, we have reached the end of the road. The final 3 match-ups to be featured on tomorrow’s brand new episode of the podcast. Let’s not waste any time, we’re heading to the big board!

28 Days Later Zombies vs Left 4 Dead Infected

This won’t be broken down because zombies for the most part are pretty similar in lore, and since not really a single entity their bios would appear nearly identical. Both of these classes of zombies are known more for their speed and numbers then some old school zombies. They also seem a bit more intelligent and agile. One special note for the L4D half is that Special infected will not be counted because frankly that would be a complete slaughter.

Buffy Summers vs Blade

  • Buffy Summers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the character from the movie and TV series of the same name. Made famous by Sarah Michelle Gellar, she is the “Slayer” of lore tasked with protecting the world from all manners of demons. She has enhanced strength, speed and agility and a slightly faster than normal healing factor.
  • Blade, a character from Marvel Comics lore, is also a vampire hunter, though he is part vampire himself. This grants him enhanced strength, speed and hearing. He also has an accelerated healing factor.

The Terminator vs Metallo

  • The Terminator(s), are the titular villains and subsequent heroes of the Terminator franchise (don’t ask how that works). Terminators are cyborgs that are sometimes capable of passing for human with a flesh like overskin. There are multiple classes of Terminators with the most popular being portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Metallo is a Superman villain. He is generally known to be semi-human John Corben (at some point origins just kind of get murky). he has a robotic endoskeleton and a heart made of K. Since he was once human, Metallo also has a human mind.

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