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Mai Tunes: Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

One thing about Mai Tunes being a daily article is we can tie it into the big news story of the hour or just a general theme for the day. In today’s case, we get to briefly talk about the rumors surrounding the big bad for the Justice League film. Generally speaking, I’m all about sharing spoilers, but since this isn’t confirmed I really don’t think it’s a spoiler, but BE WARNED anyhow.  The rumored villain in the film is Darkseid, and I’m not completely on-board that idea. As a matter of fact, earlier in the year I wrote an article stating as much and what I thought were better alternatives. 

If DC and Warner decides to go ahead with this route, I wish them all the best because I really do want an amazing film, but the future is bleak.

To get back to Mai Tunes though, I wanted to tie it into the news of the day and figured would go with the first, and thus far only, animated series to give Darkseid a starring role in the title sequence, Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, which was one of the many follow-ups to the Superfriends cartoon series. You will even note that the theme song is a variation on the Superfriends’ theme with the biggest variance coming in the middle.


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