Dual Wielding 91: The Wii U’s Far Cry

The Wii U finally find its way into the hands of some of our hosts, and we spend a great deal of time talking the ins and outs of Nintendo’s latest home console. Impressions of the system, ZombiU, NintendoLand, and new Super Mario Bros U. Once we move on, there’s talk of Paper Mario Sticker Star, Far Cry 3 and Need for Speed Most Wanted (which apparently isn’t Burnout Paradise 2). Finally, we kick off our Game of The Year Countdown by dissecting the games that released in January and√ā¬†February√ā¬†of this year!

It’s one of the most jam-packed shows of the year!

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√ā¬†Wielding Crew:

Question of the week: What were some of your favorite gaming titles from March-June of 2012?

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  1. zap_branningan456 says:

    I am enjoying these 2 hour segments.

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