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Mai Tunes: Sonic SatAM Theme Song

We continue our journey through everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog’s animation career. Yesterday, we tackled the original, but around the same time another show premiered. This was on a completely different network and only aired on Saturday Mornings, hence why fans lovely dubbed it SatAM. Sonic SatAM is different from the other show in various ways. The tone is a lot heavier than the weekly show. Instead of featuring characters from the game like Scratch and Grounder, it went for a whole new set of characters called the Freedom Fighters.

It’s a group of forest animals that lead the rebellion against Dr. Robotnik. Sonic has a love interest in Sally and several other interesting characters dominate the roster. Rings, which have always been Sonic’s life supply in the games, are used more as a speed boast in the series.

Above all else though, the biggest difference was the theme song. While the animated series got to have a somewhat upbeat and chipper sounding tune, Sonic SatAM goes for something much more grand and exciting and energetic. For my money, it’s one of my favorite cartoon theme songs, and you can check it out now!


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