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Mai Tunes: Devil May Cry

Sorry for the missing days, but Christmas and then family recovery. It happens.

Anyhow now that this year is pretty much over, we can begin to look towards the future. And part of that future is the big games, movies and comics of 2013. One such product, which is entering the new year with a ton of infamy is DmC. The latest chapter in the Devil May Cry saga. There’s been a lot written and said about the younger, more hip and somewhat hipster version of Dante, but we aren’t here to pass judgement.

We’re not even here to talk about the games much really. Instead we will talk briefly about the short Devil May Cry anime. Unlike the new game, was based on the older series with the white hair Dante. Much like all the games, heavy on stylized action. And like many animes has an extremely long opening sequence.

Check it out!


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