151 Proof Movies: New Year’s Evil Drinking Game

Oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of movies related to New Year’s Eve. You think it would be fertile ground for all sorts of rom coms and the likes, but we only really found one movie in said genre. On the other hand, there is a horror movie based around the concept, and that brings us to this week’s movie.. New Year’s Evil!


This movie, if the trailer doesn’t give it away, is an early 80s slasher flick, and well those are usually pretty damn good for drinking. Neither Swan nor I have ever seen this movie so as always, rules effectiveness will vary.

Speaking of, let’s get to the rule book!

  1. Countdown to Death- Every time someone dies in the film, take a drink.
  2. Happy New Year’s!- Whenever someone says the phrase “New Year’s” take a drink.
  3. Stroke of Midnight- When it strikes midnight, or something symbolizing the start of a new year, take a drink.
  4. Time Creeping- For every jump scare/cheap fright in the film, take a drink.
  5. EVIL is the name- Whenever Evil is used to describe the killer or his name, take a drink.

That will be it for New Year’s Evil. We’ll be starting this pretty shortly after the post goes live. As always can follow along on Twitter with hashtag #151PM

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